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The Workout Video.

Have you seen on Facebook how much fun your friends have had at the GIBBSFIT Fit Clubs or their training sessions?

For just £10 for a full 30 day access, you'll get a video now and, a video in two weeks time of the workout including supporting video footage from the club and close up techniques.  The workouts you'll have access to are a 7 minute or 30 minute workout to do at your leisure.  The GIBBSFIT workouts are always designed to give you an all over arms, legs core and cardio workout.


The Workout hoodie.

This polyester/cotton mix feels great and is proven to be hard wearing.  Perfect for running to and from the gym or just popping to the shops.

The silver embroidered GIBBSFIT logo on the front and rear of the item make give the item a real quality feel.

This hooded sweater comes in Small, Medium and Large sizes and costs 25.00 which includes delivery.

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