Personal Coaching

So you've identified areas where you'd like to improve.  Now it's time to put the plans into action.

I'll help you to work out the best way forward, taking into account your lifestyle and current habits.

My personal coaching sessions aren't just an hour in the park and go home after.   I'll listen to your goals, find out what barriers you may have that will slow or stop you reaching your goals and put a workout in place that will complement the food and nutrition advice I give you.

The first session with you includes a 50 minute workout, consultation where we work out your goals and how to get you to reach them.  I also take body composition readings once a month using scales that measure body fat percentage, muscle mass and much more to give you a real in depth knowledge of how well you're doing.

Personal coaching with me costs £35 for an hour session.  Your first session is 90 minutes and includes a consultation and body composition readings.  If you're looking for something more longer term, a block booking of four, once a week sessions can be book for just £120.

The session appointments will need to be agreed with GIBBSFIT in advance and must all be used within six weeks of purchase.  If for reasons of inclement weather, the session needs to be cancelled, you will be given the option of a refund of £35 (for an hourly paid session) or £30 (for a block booking session) or a replacement session at a later date of your choice.  Should you need to cancel a booking, 24 hours notice will be required in order for you to receive a full refund for that booking.

If you'd like to discuss training requirements or book a session, please drop me a message below.

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