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  • Do you find the idea of doing anything fitness related a complete minefield and not sure where to start?
  • Is it something you’ll get around to at some point but find it’s difficult to fit it in around day to day life?
  • Would you like the benefit of personal coaching with food and workout plans tailored specifically to you?

My online coaching isn’t a one for all package.  It really is tailored just for you.

Step One – After payment, I'll email you a link to the online self-evaluation form.  This tells me all of the information I need to know about you, your statistics and your lifestyle.

Step Two – A 20 minute phone consultation with me to discuss the plan and get the ball rolling.

Step Three – I’ll use all of this information to put together a plan that will work and will get you the results you're looking for, exactly how I've done for myself.

Step Four – I’ll send you your plan and give you login details for your very own profile on the GIBBSFIT.COM website where your meal plans, video workout plans made just for you as well as supporting literature will be available to view.   This will generally be available for you to start around 48 hours after our consultation.

Further steps - You'll need to log in and submit your daily food and exercise diary for each day at least once a week to let me see your progress.    We will also have a 20 minute phone conversation half way through the 30 day period and see if any amendments need to be made.



The plan will take dedication on your part to adhere to the plan I provide you with.  If you’re serious, dedicate and disciplined, you’ll reap the rewards of the work you put in.


The package will consist of:

  • Made just for you, video exercise routines that will need to be completed,
  • A meal plan for you to choose from each day.
  • Some additional reading material that will be tailored to your new plan.
  • Whatsapp/SMS/Email/Phone call support
  • There will also be a fortnightly phone call for us both to give feedback and review the work you’ve done so far and adapt where necessary.


The 30 day coaching plan will cost £105.00 and is available to buy right away.  Once purchased, I'll email you a link to the self evaluation form to get us started.

Recurring coaching after the first month is charged at £70.00 monthly with no commitment to you.

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