New Ash Green Fit Club

If you love good music and exercise, the GIBBSFIT Workouts are just for you!

Members have a great time at this indoor workout and it's proven a great way to come together with the same goals and make friends along the way.


You don't need to be fit or to have ever exercised before.  We all start somewhere so why not join this amazing bunch!?


A fun workout to music using easy to follow body weight exercises to tone your arms and legs, build core muscle, feel fitter and look great!

Tickets to the New Ash Green classes are just £5 each and are only available to buy online.

Included in your ticket price is access to the online workout - a recorded version of the class you attend.

The start time for every class is 7pm and finishes at 8pm.

GIBBSFIT Ltd is pleased to promote these locally based businesses based in New Ash Green.

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