Fit Clubs Near You in Kingsnorth, New Ash Green & Sandgate

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GIBBSFIT deliver a variety of classes in Kent!   With instructors that will motivate and support you to reach your fitness goals, you'll love the classes!

GIBBSFIT classes currently run in New Ash Green (Brands Hatch), Kingsnorth (Ashford) and Sandgate (Folkestone).

The classes have been designed for everybody from an absolute beginner to a regular fitness fan.

It's easier said than done but, you'll never need to worry about coming to a class for the first time.  Everybody who comes to the workout came along for the first time once.  With new members joining up every week, you'll always be in good company with a support, friendly group who are all working out for the same goals.  To get fit and have fun doing it.


Due to some exciting new workouts being planned, the timetable can usually be found here but is currently under construction.



As with all GIBBSFIT workouts, you get your own progress card.  Once a month, you can have confidential body composition readings taken and recorded in your progress card.

The reading will give you your overall weight, body fat percentage and muscle mass.  You'll be able to see every four weeks how well you're doing on your progress.


New Ash Green workouts take place on the rugby field, Punch Croft, Ash, Kent, DA3 8HS.  

BoxFit is on Monday at 7:15pm and the Group Fit Club is on Thursday at 7pm.


Kingsnorth workouts take place at Park Farm Park, Bluebell Road, Kingsnorth, Kent, TN23 3GJ.  

Group Fit Clubs are on Wednesday at 7pm.


Sandgate workouts take place at Enbrook Park, CT20 3DY.  

Group Fit Club is on Wednesday at 12pm.


If you enjoy your first workout, classes are £5 each going forward BUT you there are two ways you can save money:

  1. Buy your class passes five at a time and you'll effectively get your 5th workout for £1.
  2. Bring a friend to a workout and not only can they get a £3 pass (if they book here) but you'll have a class pass credited to your account.
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