Beach Training

The beach to me, is the best gym in the world.  There's so much you can do for an amazing workout and with little or no equipment!

Come rain, snow wind and even waves! the challenge of the elements makes every workout even more rewarding and everybody always starts their weekend on a high form the workout.



With tractor tyres, battle ropes, shuttle relays, wave runs (yep, I made these up!), and much more,  I plan the sessions to be an effective all over workout for arms, legs, core and plenty of cardio.

The sessions are £5 per person and can be purchased at the bottom of this page.


What else is included?   After the workout, you'll be given access codes to a selection of my indoor training videos for a quick workout or a 30 minute training session, both of which provide that all over workout.

I encourage people of all fitness levels to come along because you don't need to be ultra fit and you don't need to have ever exercised before.  You just need a sense of humour, comfortable clothing and a goal to get fit.  You’re more than welcome to come along on your own or with somebody else.   Within minutes you’ll be working with others who have the same goal as you – to get fit and have fun doing it.

The workout takes place at 9am to 10am on Sunday mornings on Sandgate beach by the Billets Hill, The Esplanade, Sandgate, CT20 3DY.

There are currently no spaces available to book for beach training.  

GIBBSFIT is pleased to promote local businesses in Sandgate


Please note:   The beach training will only be cancelled in severe weather conditions that for health and safety reasons.   If you are booked to attend that session, you will be given as much notice as possible and a full refund issued for the missed session.  This will not affect any online coaching you will already have in place.

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